moftak solutions


Owing to unmatched performance and unbeatable reputation, the tests performed in the Lab are recognized at international level.

Its certifications Accepted to fulfill the admission requirement in International examinations. CITILAB is a pioneer in medical diagnosis and research by introducing modern and latest diagnostic. That is why the clinicians rely on the results performed in the Lab.


Managing an increasing bulk of patients in the in lesser time made Citilab ponder about the issue and brought them at the doorstep of Moftak solutions.

The journey begins

The team members sat together and brainstormed about the issues faced and started working.

Software had to be developed which could cater a large number of patients in a timely manner in order to maximize output in lesser time. Keeping in mind the importance of brisk delivery mode for the reports and developing a database which could maintain patient details in a unique manner.


The resources were deployed on developing smart and intelligent software which can cater the client’s needs. This lead to the development of software with following modules:

  • Complete financial system
  • Backup system
  • Employees and patients management system

Tools used

The client-server based desktop application was developed in .Net Framework 2.0 using C# Windows Forms with Infragistics third party components. For databases, SQL Server 2005 was used.


Gradual implementations of different modules of the software lead to an increased profitability with the improved. legal cover.

The smart software helped rectifying receipts issues and this further lead to anti-theft reporting.

With the secure updated records it is now easy to maintain check and balance of the equipment as well as patients reports.

Being user friendly software it helps in the provision of better results and with the help of data gathered the research students can really count on it.

Web Experience

Based in the twin cities, CITI LAB provides services to consumers across Rawalpindi and Islamabad. They came to us enquiring about how their website can help their business grow and what we can do to help them. By analyzing the data before we started the work, we were able effectively strategize the design goals and the end-results the new website should deliver. We set out to create a new website design for them apart from developing a unique lab management system. So in addition to development of lab management system we also designed and developed their website.