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Website Privacy Policy

This document explains the viewer’s rights visiting the website. We have made it as short and readable as possible, so it is advisable that it should be carefully read as all the visitors are bound by its content when using the website.

The technical and commercial information of the company and services contained in the website is only covered in this document, such as our blog. This document does not cover the use of our web service or the software you can download from this website.



A lot of information is contained in the website. Some of it is created by us, while other parts are created by our visitors. Irrespective of the fact that we are very much considerate in drafting any information we publish and immediately rectify any mistakes, you should be aware of the fact that any information you use on this website is your own responsibility. You should be even more careful when using the visitor-contributed information like the comments of our blog posts. This implies that -- To the maximum permissible limit by the law – we would not be responsible “contractually” or “extra contractually” in any way, for any harm this website might cause you... unless, of course, we are involved in publishing such information that is intentionally duplicitous or harmful –consider this unlikely!!



While participating in comment discussions attached to blog post, users are responsible for what they post. Although we would not screen out all the content contributed by the users however we reserve the right to remove anything we find inappropriate, without any possibility of reparation on your part. In case of any claim we receive from third parties, harmed by your content, you fully indemnify us. Some users will rely on the content of your posts so be careful as you—and not Moftak solutions is responsible for you posts.



We take privacy seriously. Some technical information about you (web browser type, IP address) and the pages you visit is collected at our servers and recorded for a period of up to 24 months. Unless you log on to our server, your information remains fairly anonymous and we would use it only to create anonymous stats (which we can sell to third parties). In specific cases (fraud/ criminal activities) we may share information about you as we are bound by the competent legal authorities. You would require a proper registration in order to post your views to our blog. In doing so you will, of course, leave some additional traces of your identity: login, contact details etc. However we would not track your personal data unless we are legally forced to do so. Our website uses several cookies. These cookies store technical information about the users, allowing us to better interact with their browser and to identify them on subsequent visits to our site. This website also uses Google Analytics to collect non-identifying and aggregate information to improve our website.